RIP Picnik

I don’t usually post on Saturdays but I though I would take a moment to talk about something I just found out.

For the last several years (since 2009), I have used to edit and collage my photos that I have posted in my blogs.  This morning, I went to the site to just play around with some more pictures that I took recently, and I found this:


Now, Picnik is referring people to open Google+ accounts because a lot of the photo editing can be found there under Creative Kit.  However, two of my favorite things about Picnik are the collage program and the frames, of which I don’t see on the Google+ Creative Kit (or on Picnik anymore either).  So, now I am downloading Picasa (another Google product) which does allow collages (but I have yet to find frames).

*A small rant* I really didn’t want to get a Google+ account.  I feel like everything has a social network attached to it.  It’s not that I want to be a completely private person, but I just feel with all the privacy issues lately with Facebook, it’s just really unsettling that you have to get an account in order to access something that you have had for 2 and a half years now.  *ok, rant over*

I will miss Picnik.  I even had a premium account because of all the extras that were so neat to use (if you have a premium account now, they are reimbursing you for this month forward if you paid that already).  I didn’t keep pictures on my account, so I don’t need to worry about downloading a zip file, but if you use Picnik to store things, I would probably do that sooner than later.

Sigh, goodbye Picnik.  I will miss your funny loading screen, the top featured photos and the new editing ideas and inspirations every month.  Hopefully, the reincarnation will be better than it is now once the entire site has moved over.  I guess I will find out in April.


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