New Sunday Challenge Post!

There is a bad habit that we have fallen into lately.  That is eating in front of the TV.  First, it started when Michael got his wisdom tooth out.  We ate our meals in front of the TV so he didn’t have to move around too much those first few days.  Then, I got sick for most of this past week, where I spent most of my nights on the couch, so it was easier to eat there.  But now I’m afraid it’s becoming a habit.It’s one of the no-nos that I’m constantly told if I want to be healthy because studies have shown that you eat more when you are not really paying attention to what you are eating.  And then I realized as I sat down to watch something on TV that I actually craved something to chew on while I watched the show!  This HAS to stop.

So as my challenge this week, I will not eat a single meal in front of a computer OR the TV.  I know that this will be hard, but I feel if I put it into the blogosphere that it will hold me better accountable than if I just try to make it on my own.

So, here goes eating in silence and enjoying both that silence and what I am eating!

Challenge #3 – Do not eat in front of the TV for a whole week.


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