Superbowl Party

We love going to Superbowl parties together – the friends, the food, the game, the food, the conversation…did I mention food?  This year was awesome.  The game was so spectacular, but it was even more wonderful because of the people we were with.

This year was hosted by one of our families in our small group.  Isn’t her house gorgeous?  I just had to take some pictures to show you guys, especially the wall of crosses.  They collect different crosses from wherever they travel.  It’s pretty awesome.

They also have four adorable dogs.  One Lab, two King Charles Spaniels and a horse.  Ok, he’s not a horse, but that dog can rest his head on the kitchen island!  (One of the KCS is not pictured because she’s behind the big one…you can see her paw if you look close).

Have I mentioned our love for Superbowl food?  We all pitched in, but the hosts made sliders with tiny tomatoes, cheese, onion and pickles so we could make our own miniature hamburgers (I didn’t get a picture of the hamburgers because I was too late with the camera).  One friend brought an amazing corn dip (which she is getting famous for among our friends), and another brought this really yummy chocolate oatmeal bar dessert (not pictured).  We brought the cookie dough dip on the right.  It was amazing, and I made Michael bring it to work the next day so I wouldn’t be tempted to pig out at home.

There’s the other King Charles Spaniel, who decided to cuddle with me during the game.  I managed one picture while we were watching the game in the media room (that’s my husband’s foot in the pic).  We were rooting for Eli Manning and the Giants, who won, which was cool.  🙂  That 4th quarter was amazing to watch!

Anyway, I just wanted to say how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family in my small group.  I love all of them, and I look forward to our next time together!

What did you do for the Superbowl?  Were you a Patriots or Giants fan?  Or are you primarily a Food fan like me?  🙂


10 thoughts on “Superbowl Party”

  1. I’m a Pat’s fan. Sniffle, sniffle. 😉 But I still enjoyed the Superbowl. Like you, I enjoyed some pretty delicious food and some time spent with friends.

  2. Now that’s a superbowl party!! Food and puppies! 🙂 Though I am a giants fan, enjoying the game was a perk! Commercials this year were not so great… :-/ let down!

    Cute blog!

  3. That wall of crosses is SO cool. My husband and I love to travel and we just recently started collecting magnets from the places we’ve been. I wish we would have started sooner… but the crosses are an even better idea!

    1. Yes, that is my favorite room of all time anywhere. I started collecting shot glasses when I started traveling after college. It was kind of unplanned, just something I saw that I could easily buy anywhere I went in Italy. Soon after that, my boss caught wind of my collection, and now he brings me back one everywhere he goes too! 🙂

  4. Superbowl=food for me! It’s what I refer to as “that game I don’t watch.” But it IS a great excuse to hang out with friends and family and gorge on unhealthy foods. And um…cookie dough dip? I am intrigued. Looks like you guys had a great time! 🙂

    1. The recipe is on my pinterest (I think I have a link to that on my home page). It’s on the Recipes board. It was a hit both at the party and at Michael’s work the next day (don’t do a double batch, it’s way too much dip).

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