Project Linus

I started doing Project Linus three years ago.  It was advertised at my church.  All that was required was a sewing machine, the ability to sew a straight line, and two hours on Saturday.  My friends and I went together and had a blast.  I kept going because it’s so much fun and the cause is pretty amazing.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization where volunteers sew very simple blankets for children who are in the hospital long-term, or have been through something very traumatic, or have a parent in the military.  Basically, these blankets are there to provide comfort for these kids much like the Charlie Brown character Linus had his blanket to comfort him.

So last weekend, I got together with the other volunteers for Project Linus and sewed blankets.  There is always water and monkey bread available for all there to sew.  I turned in a blanket (which I forgot to take a picture of..I’m still getting into the swing of the photo blogging thing), and I started a new one (which I will take a picture of when it is completed).

This one lady there just got a brand new sewing machine, the 160th anniversary Singer.

Isn’t it beautiful?  I call it the Cadillac of sewing machines.  It had all sorts of neat attachments and even threaded its own needle!  She didn’t mention a price, but it is probably way out of our price range.  Still, it was nice to look at.  🙂

It was so much fun.  Here’s the website where you can learn more about the organization.

Do you volunteer for any organizations?  How well can you sew?


8 thoughts on “Project Linus

  1. That sewing machine is fantastic. I believe that if I had a sewing machine like that, I could sew some wonderful stuff!
    Congrats to you for committing yourself to Project Linus. You’re an inspiration to many. Are you able to bring it to the kids yourself? I would love to see their smiles when receiving them. That’s the best part of giving.

    • Yes, I couldn’t take my eyes off that machine, it was so beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t get to go with the ladies to bring the blankets to the kids because I work full time, but just knowing that they are going to a good home makes the project worth doing for me. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Project Linus, but what a great idea!! I can’t sew ANYTHING yet (ha, ha) but I did just get a sewing machine. So I can’t wait to learn!! 🙂

    • My dad was the manager of a fabric store for 18 years, so once a week each summer of my childhood I would take a sewing class. Once you get the hang of threading your machine and bobbin, the actual sewing part is really easy to learn!

  3. wow that is gorgeous! what a wonderful organization to be a part of. I also second all the commenters above that i really need to get a sewing machine and learn to sew!

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