Vet Visit/Garden aka what we did last weekend

Just a little update in our neck of the woods.  We have two wonderful dogs, and an excellent vet.  This time, it was Loco’s turn for the annual visit.  Our vet was so sweet, and he has a lot of energy.  He absolutely loves Loco, even saying that he would have taken him in as well.  I love how much our vet loves animals.  🙂

But that’s not all we did this weekend!  We also started getting our yard ready for spring.  Yes, I’ve finally given up on it ever snowing this year.  This weekend, we worked on restructuring our vegetable garden.  Our area suffered a drought, so we lost most of our garden (with the exception of some excellent lettuce that survived).  We already had two raised beds, but we wanted to do something different.

I found this new design on Pinterest and felt inspired.  So we headed to Lowes, got some dirt, seeds and supplies and got to working.  (You might notice my absence in these pictures, but at one point Michael actually said, “are you going to take some pics for your blog?”)

First, we moved all the present dirt to one raised garden bed.

Then, we placed down new landscaping fabric to help with weeds.

Then, we replaced the dirt and added fresh topsoil and fertilizer.

To add the top part, I spray-painted three 5 foot longish pvc pipe green

Then we put them together and placed them in the middle of the two beds.  Michael drilled holes in the middle of the two beds and then threaded seven (five foot long) wifes from the holes to the pvc pipe.

After that, Michael measured out pink rope to mark where each plant was going to sit.

And here’s the finished product (and not a moment too soon, Jerzee was ready to play with her toy)!

We planted 8 plants that weekend – two broccoli, beets, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, radishes and spinach.  In the coming weeks (when things get a little less busy) I am going to make markers for each of them.  I’ll take a picture when I finish those.  🙂

Oh, and since I started with Loco, I thought I would finish this entry with him too.  One of his favorite past times is to sit in the sun (or shade if he gets hot) and literally suck on his rope and knead his paws like a cat.  We call the rope his binky because of it.  Too weird, but too adorable at the same time!


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