Wedding Time!

I went to one of the most gorgeous wedding this weekend.  It was a running thing throughout the weekend that this was a Pinterest-inspired wedding.  I had the privilege of filming the wedding, which was an interesting experience.  This was my first wedding film experience.  I do have a bachelors degree in Electronic Media (videography, basically), but this was a little different than the normal things I do for the church on a volunteer basis.

Anyway, while I can’t really show what I filmed (because editing it that fast would be a miracle), I can show you some of the pinterest-inspired decor.  I mean, seriously, it was gorgeous.

The theme was burlap and lace.  I love all the candles across the top there with the burlap hanging.  It was simple but oh so beautiful.  It almost made me want to throw ourselves another wedding just to incorporate some of this, maybe in a vow renewal…much later from today.  🙂

Michael helped me in this endeavor.  He is a CPA and has a degree in accounting, so this wasn’t his forte.  But he was SO supportive the entire day.  Whether I was nervous or laughing, he was incredible.  His main job was to get the groom stuff and the foyer stuff, while I hung out with the bride for most of the day.

I really couldn’t have done this without him.  I need to take a moment to boast on him.  When I was first presented this opportunity, I talked to him before calling the bride’s mom (who had left a voicemail on my phone with the request).  I was so sure he was going to say, “you do way too much, you should let this one go”, but instead he was so excited.  He said, “I would love to go to a wedding with you”.  And then, the entire rehearsal night and wedding day, he would just randomly comment about how much he was enjoying doing this project together.  It didn’t matter if we did something he loved, or I loved or we both loved, as long as we were doing it together.

Yes, people.  I completely lucked out with this blessing of a husband.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Wedding Time!”

  1. […] Most of these opportunities have been at my church.  I have worked with children to teach them how to create a script, shoot and edit film as well as acting.  I worked with the adult education minister to provide educational films for a class series.  I have also done some videos that were used by the preacher for his sermons.  We also have been able to create a nice recording room with editing equipment.  Then, most recently, I taped my first wedding. […]

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