Spring Cleaning

Sorry this is going up so late.  I have had a very full weekend, and I’m finally home long enough to post.  Hope you have had a good weekend as well!

I find that lately I have become disenchanted with some of the things in my life, as well as in the world around me.  I guess it’s a search for something more, a quiet voice inside that urges me to see beyond the surface of living in middle class, American comfort.  It’s a yearning to learn more about myself, but also beyond my little bubble.

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s finally Spring time, and with that comes the spring cleaning mindset.  I recognize the things in my life that I have been holding on to, whether it’s because that’s the way everyone else does it or I have some inner reason of not being able to let it go.  I just feel like I need to go through my brain and clear out some of the cobwebs.

However, I don’t want to just jump into this.  I want to really think it through, so for this first week, I am going to make a list of eight things I want to “spring-clean” in my life.  They can range from the physical (or something that physically needs to be “spring-cleaned”), mental , emotional, and spiritual.

The one caveat is that none of these can be outlandish or even slightly overwhelming.  This is not a test or attempted triumph to see how much I can do in a week.  This is a simple cleansing.  I invited you to come along with me.  Are there any challenges that jump to the forefront of your brain at this time?


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