What I did Last Weekend….

This past weekend was full of so many random, but fun events.  First, Michael had to work on Saturday.  Boo.  However, I managed to get a lot of things accomplished, especially the important things like eating lunch on a blanket in the backyard.  🙂  I also went shopping for dress accessories.

Why dress accessories, you ask?  Well, that evening when Michael came home from work, he took me out to a Gala.  The Gala was to support a local private school in the area that Michael audits.  I was just excited for a chance to dress up fancy.  🙂

I took a picture of the tent right as we sat down.  Most people were still in the silent auction room at that point.  The band was just warming up.  Oh, and the trucks in the background (that look like colorful RVs)?  They were the food trucks that served our meal.  We could choose from Korean fusion food, or sandwiches or a Tex-mex place.  We chose quesadillas from the last one.  There was also a truck selling cupcakes!

The band was pretty good and had a wide variety of songs, including but not limited to “Your Cheating Heart” (which always brings back those Pepsi commercials) and some Hootie and the Blowfish.  Also, as it got darker, they set up fire pits which were awesome.  We bid on a few things, but didn’t win (although we aren’t really big spenders).  We did get a $20 grab bag with a Pinkberry gift card in it, though!

Then, Sunday, Michael took me out again to see Hunger Games!

I liked it.  It really did touch on all the parts of the book that I remember (I haven’t read it in months).  I know that I have friends who were disappointed, but I think as a first-book-movie-of-a-series, it fared better than Twilight or Percy Jackson did.  If you haven’t read the book, see the movie and then read the book.  It will still be awesome.  Even my husband enjoyed it.

Oh!  And Sunday was Loco’s 9th birthday, and I told you last week that I was going to show you what we got him.  Ummm…it is only the best part of any birthday ever….CUPCAKES!  🙂

And I will leave you with us singing to our sweet 9-year-old pup-a-lup.  🙂

How was your weekend?


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