D is for Dogs!

We have two pups in our little family.  I wrote a brief synopsis about them [here].

Spring time is a special time for our dogs.  It means warmer weather for panting and sunbathing.  It means hiding from thunderstorms.  It also means tracking mud into the house from those storms.

Loco, at any chance he can get, will be outside in the sunniest spot with his rope toy we call “Binkie”.  We call it that because he puts it in his mouth and holds it like a pacifier.  He can spend all day doing this.

Jerzee, on the other hand, has her Kong which we just call “Toy”.  It can be anywhere in the house, and if we tell her to bring it to us, she does (of course with the expectation that we will throw it for her).  She is very attached to this toy, as she has been caught snuggling with it on various occasions.  🙂

Both of our dogs have storm anxiety, but Loco is the worst by far.  It’s not so much the thunder as it is the lightning.  He does much better if my sweet husband and he camp out in our master closet for the night.  Although, he also does pretty well under the bed too.

Our dogs also love to patrol the two sides of our yard for possible intruders.  Unfortunately, this means that the yard where they patrol is covered in mud, especially after a storm.  Most of that mud finds its way to our house.  Luckily, our first floor is not all carpet, so we manage to catch them before they go any further.

Quirks and all, we love our dogs.  We wouldn’t trade them for the world.  🙂  Do you have any pets?  Do they have any adorable quirks?


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