Friends are like Family

Four years ago, my husband and I packed up what little we had after our wedding and moved six hours away from any family we knew.  It was such an exciting and anxious time in our lives.  We knew no one, and no one knew us, but it wasn’t that way for very long.

We plugged into a local church about 10 minutes from our little apartment.  It was there that we met our new family.  One of those new family members was my friend, Lori.

We met Lori and her husband in our first small group.  Lori and I had both been nannies in the past (although my nanny experience is much more brief that hers was) and also shared life experiences.  We bonded over laughter and tears.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

As time went on, we celebrated the birth of their first son, and then their second son a year and a half later.  We moved about a mile and a half away from each other.  Every Friday, I drive over to that sweet family’s house to have lunch and share life.

Besides, who could say no to a lunch with these precious faces and their wonderful mommy?  She inspires me with her gentle passion and fervent love for God.  She is one of the first people here to really make me feel like I am home.  When we start our own family, I know they will be welcomed just like we were.  🙂  And they will be loved.


5 thoughts on “Friends are like Family”

  1. Friendships like that are precious…especially when they are close enough to see on a regular basis! Thanks to this post I’m now missing my neighbors back in Dallas!

  2. The picture turned out SO great of the boys, I’d love an original copy 🙂 I enjoy our lunches and friendship. You bless me with honesty, acceptance and forgiveness (like me being late today!!!)

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