Spring Cleaning Part One – Bringing in the Spring

Well, the first week of Spring Cleaning is over, and honestly, I didn’t know if I was actually going to complete this one!  The week was just super busy, but I was determined, and by Thursday it was done!  (I don’t normally do photos on Sunday, but I thought this might be fun for a little change 🙂 )

One of the things I did at the beginning of the year (and I do again now) is put all of my hangers backwards on the rack.

As I use each piece of clothing, I place the hanger on the rack the right way, so that I know I’ve used it.  At the end of each season, I go through and give away everything I didn’t use.  See, here are all of my giveaway.

It’s only a bag, but it’s a bag of clothes and shoes that might help someone else.  All of my summer clothes (and now my winter clothes) are contained in this chest in our bedroom that my grandfather refinished.

It’s just the right size to hold all of my seasonal clothes until next fall/winter.

Now, for this week it will be:

Week #2 – No Multi-Tasking; On the first day, focus on one action at a time for one hour, and then add another hour the next day, so that by Saturday you will not multitask for 7 hours.

I have to say, after the busy week I just had starting all of the a to z challenge, plus getting ready for Easter, I’ve been multitasking left and right!  I don’t know if I will be able to make the switch.  We shall see, I guess!


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Part One – Bringing in the Spring”

  1. You know I love the hanger trick. 🙂
    I’m impressed that you actually switch your clothes over in the spring. With school, I can’t ever find the time to clean out the closets until Summer break and Winter break.

    1. Well, this is actually my Summer switch. It was getting too hot to wear the winter clothes anymore, so that’s why I switched so early. I probably won’t do it again until it gets cold! Plus, I did it over the entire week. 🙂

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