Hosting the Holidays!

I love Easter, and it’s different because it’s one of the holidays that we spend with friends instead of family.  The closest family to us is about six hours away, so it’s hard to travel in such a short period of time, especially since it is busy season for my husband.  The first few Easters we lived here, we spent celebrating alone.  After we bought our house, we made the decision to use this house to host and reach out to others.  So, for Easter, we host to other people in our lives who live too far away from family to celebrate this holiday with them.

This year, we were blessed to have Seth, his wife Tiffany, and Josh over to our house.  From left to right it is – Josh, Michael (my husband), Seth and Tiffany.

I made lamb, twice baked potatoes with greek yogurt (a Martha Stewart recipe), asparagus, and my family’s recipe for rolls.  (The potatoes are not in the picture, as they were staying warm in the oven.)

Then for dessert, we had the chocolate covered peanut butter eggs and carrot cake cupcakes.

I do tend to go a little overboard in the food department.  🙂

Then, we dye eggs together.  I thought it would be a good idea to only dye 5 eggs (one each), since I’m not a big hard-boiled egg eater.

Oh!  We have one other tradition that my husband and I do for each other.  Easter morning, we make each other a basket filled with yummy treats and gifts.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


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