I hate ironing.  The clothing chore (sorting, washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting away) just seems quite tedious.  Oh, I still do it twice a week (Monday and Friday) so the task isn’t overwhelming (just wait til we have kids, I know). But ironing is the most tedious of them all.

I will admit, Michael does most of his own ironing, while I tend to wear things that don’t need a lot of ironing (jeans are my friends).  However, I do iron linens (if needed) and window treatments if we have to wash them seasonally (or if we buy new ones).  I wanted something that would make the task fun.

Enter in the steamer.  I asked for this for Christmas, and we had a lot of fun trying it out on Michael’s clothes.  Seriously, if you hate to iron, this is a great alternative.  I have wanted one of these since I saw a girl in the department store using it on the new inventory.  It’s just magical to me.

See, you just put the shirt, pants, or other piece of hung clothing on its hanger.  Then run the steamer inside of it and watch the wrinkles disappear!  You do have to be careful (since it is a heat product) that you aren’t using it against delicate material for a prolonged exposure, but other than that, it has made the chore much easier and fun.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Ironing”

  1. That is a cool product. I too am not an ironer, I despies it. I went to a baby shower a couple of weekends ago and ironed my skirt and burned the crap out of my hand. I went to reach across the ironing board to resituate the skirt and accidently touched the back of my hand to the iron. I am pretty sure it’s going to leave a scar.

    1. The particular shirt in the picture already had the creases in it because it’s been creased so many times by the iron. I don’t have any clothing of my own that needs creasing, and my husband still relies on the iron for his creases, however this gets the wrinkles out a lot quicker and easier.

  2. Love my steamer! I never iron, now. I was never any good at it, so my husband has always ironed his own things. He still prefers to iron his dress shirts, but I use the steamer on everything else.


    1. Only if you don’t need creases in your clothing. Also, if you want something heavily starched (like linens for a dinner), I don’t know how the steamer would work that way. Still, it works wonders for curtains and dresses, so I love having mine around! 🙂

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