As a kid, I hated to run.  I was an awkward runner.  Hey, I’m still an awkward runner.  I was one of those people who would rather curl up with a book on a rainy day than spend a sunny morning running through a park.  Something changed, however, in the past few years.

I don’t know where it started.  I always saw running as something cheap I could do if I wanted to stay in shape.  It was nothing more than an arduous task.  Then, suddenly, it became my thinking time.  As my life got busier, my morning jog became that moment, first thing in the morning, where I could gather my thoughts and figure out the day.

I call it jogging because I’m still an amateur and I don’t think I actually run as much as lightly jog.  I like it because it’s not competitive.  I feel like a lot of the rest of my life is competitive in one way or another.  My run is nothing but me and the path.  Sometimes I bring music, but most times I don’t.  I like to be alone with my thoughts, only running to the steady rhythm of my breathing and the passing cars or birds singing (depending on which route I take).

I’m not a runner by any means.  In fact, you would probably look at me and not immediately jump to that conclusion.  But I love to run, or jog as it may be.  It’s my alone time.  It’s just me.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Jogging”

  1. I have taken it up as well. I actually look forward to it. I like to have music, I am more competitive in nature and like the help the rhythm of the music gives me to keep up with a desired pace.

    1. I saw a website recently that will give you music choices based on the desired pace. Do you use that? There’s this one running music concoction that I’m dying to try from the website, but it would require more time than I have in the mornings. Maybe on a weekend I don’t have much to do…. 🙂

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