Social Networking, that is.  I am on the early tail-end of Generation Y.  We were there at the beginnings of the internet.  My family got our first computer when I was in elementary school.  I didn’t get my own email address until I was in high school, and I didn’t get a cell phone until I was 16 and driving.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter came out during my college years.  I started blogging about that time as well.  It’s been very interesting how small our world has become in just two decades.  I love following all of it.  I read articles on how businesses use these different sites to determine people they hire.  There are others that use these sites to create businesses of their own.  And I find the privacy issues in the past couple years both intriguing (like how it could potentially help me shop better) and scary (like how they would know in great detail the way I shop).

I know that personally, I’m not really that amazing of an internet social networker.  I have a Twitter, a Pinterest, and a private Facebook for family and IRL friends, but I don’t update them daily or sometimes even weekly.  I text, but I don’t have a smart phone.  I know that the people who are excellent networkers online spend hours doing it every day.  Even if it’s only a minute at a time, it all adds up.  I’m amazed at the people who do this for a living, because it really is a full time job.  I’m just happy with my little blog and the community that I’ve become a part of in the past few months.  The rest of it is just quite overwhelming.

How much do you spend each day on the social networking sites?  How do you find a balance between that and your “IRL” (in real life) time?


6 thoughts on “Networking”

  1. I have had to scale back on FB. Spent tooooooo much time there. I have tried to keep it to a once a day check in and I only do there other times if it is to work on my ministry page.

  2. I agree – it is such a time-suck if you allow it. But there’s just nothing better than FB for keeping everyone you know IRL up to date on everything!

  3. I love this post, Katy! Like you, I really don’t spend much time social networking. I find that my entire life feels more calm when I dont. However, I can also admit that sometimes I feel the pressure to make my blog something bigger and better. More followers and commenters. Yadda Yadda. I often take a reality check to remind myself that I simply blog for fun, catching up with family and friends, and if I happen to find new blog friends.. Great! If not, my life will still be the same!

    1. This is a great reminder! I fall into that trap every now and then. I feel so bad when I can’t respond to comments as quickly as I should because of crazy life. Thanks for commenting!

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