Outing with the CPAs

What?  Doesn’t everyone hang out with CPAs after Tax day to celebrate the end of busy season?  🙂

Actually, my husband is a CPA, and every year we go to Dave and Busters at the end of busy season to celebrate and blow off some steam.  They invite the spouses too since we hardly see our sweeties during these months.  Well, actually, in this firm, they do encourage the employees to not come in every Saturday and stay late every weeknight, and travel is held to a minimum (I think my husband traveled three times this year, and that was the most he’s ever done in a busy season in the four years he has worked there, and it’s never longer than four days at the most).

So, after our yummy dinners, we headed to the games to have fun.  I challenged Michael to some ski ball.

Then, after games, we claimed our prizes and headed home.  It was a fun and wonderful night!


2 thoughts on “Outing with the CPAs”

  1. Sounds like a great way to celebrate! Alas, we have filed an extension because we have to wait for our company taxes to be done by the accountant!

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