Recipe Websites

I thought about what I would share for the letter R.  I immediately jumped to recipes, but I knew I would be sharing a few of those this month already, so I thought I might instead share where I get most of my recipes.

I didn’t really start cooking until I got married, and my first recipes came from and Martha Stewart.  Then I transitioned to the all-powerful, like most people I know.

But lately, I’ve been on this major health lifestyle change.  I will admit, I did watch a few “food” documentaries that inspired a lot of this change, but it also came from encouragement from my doctor and my natural draw to simplicity in general.

So lately, I get the majority of my recipes from and  I love both of these because the ingredients aren’t outlandish, and they are doable for novice to intermediate, for the most part.  “100 days” is probably my favorite because if she gives out free meal plans that are so easy to incorporate (and definitely help me during my weekly menu planning with those days I just go completely blank on what to cook).

What is your favorite recipe go-to site?


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