X-men and other comics

I have a little confession.  Growing up, I was a huge comic book fan.  I even collected the trading cards when I was a kid.

I love the story behind a lot of superheroes, but especially that of the X-men.  These were kids who were taunted and tortured because they were different.  Their abilities were ridiculed and feared.  Then Charles Xavier came into their lives, healed their pain and gave them purpose.

It’s a thread that’s woven through a lot of the stories in the comic books.  People who are lost, confused or scared, becoming empowered by perseverance, love and strength.  Their abilities are almost a side note in their journey to find who they are and what they were meant to be.

I think that Christianity is a lot like that.  While I don’t think I’m going to grow fur or read minds any time soon, I do know that I went through and will go through times in my life of fear and rejection, and Christ will empower me with those same attributes you find in the comics – perseverance, strength and most importantly, love.  He lifted me out of the muck of humanity, covered me with grace and infused me with the Holy Spirit, so that I may have the power to carry out his will.

By the way, super stoked about the Avenger movie coming out next weekend!  Seriously, I’ve been watching the trailers and movie clips in anticipation!  Black Widow was one of my favorite characters as a kid!


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