So, on the days that I don’t run or walk the dogs, I do yoga.  Hulu and Netflix both have different yoga series that I use, although right now I’m really liking Yogazone on Hulu.  They  have 20 minute classes and hour long classes that tailor to whatever you want from yoga.  I typically do the 20 minute classes since these are my off days of exercise.

I have done some sort of yoga for years, off and on (and more off than on until recently when I picked up running).  I really like yoga as an exercise and a stress relief.  While running is a time I can spend thinking, yoga is a time I stop thinking.  For however long I’m doing yoga, my mind is present only to my breathing and making sure I’m doing that position correctly so I don’t hurt myself later.

Yoga is something I think everyone should try at least once.  It has helped me relax and also helped with my breathing.  It has also helped me with my running, since the stretches help soothe any pain from the previous day’s workout.  It’s definitely something I want to create as a weekly habit for the rest of this year and many years to come.


1 thought on “Yoga”

  1. My husband and I have done P90X together and one of the days is yoga and man is it intense. I used to make fun of yoga, not anymore!!! It is a great stress reliever and so good for the body. The stretches are amazing!

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