Spring Cleaning – Part Five – Cleaning out the closet

I have to admit, I’ve been doing this particular challenge for several weeks now.  I made a trip this week, however, to the Salvation Army with a box and bag of clothes and shoes, as well as an old sewing machine and some knick knacks.  I’ve also made changes to several different closets.

I cleaned out the pantry because frankly, it just needed it.  I put this up last month in one of my A to Z challenge posts, but I added a few more components – an extra turntable for vinegars and panko crumbs, as well as a closed tote for my husband’s grilling stuff.  That way, when grilling season is over, it can be stored easily and away from the day to day stuff.  Slowly, the pantry is taking a shape that I like.  Of course, that freed up the original tote that held the grilling stuff.

This brings us to the game closet.  It houses games, blankets (in case we have several overnight guests and one has to sleep on the couch), candles and soaps (for the downstairs areas), and little holidays that don’t really have enough to them (yet) for their own tote in the garage.  I put the candles and holiday things in the tote previously used for grilling stuff so that the space can look cleaner and less cluttered.

Finally, the original closet that I wanted to clean out.  In here, we have mailing supplies (I save those USPS flat rate boxes for future use), old computers, Michael’s art supplies, random boxes and a box of random computer/electrical cords.  I’m sure that we will find and have places for these things in the future, but for now, they will stay here.  We really just wanted to free up some space for guests coming this month, so that they can have a place to hang things if they need to.

We are going through so many projects this month.  Later this week, I will be doing a project in the guest bathroom involving towel hooks.  And finally, we hope to put the finishing touches on another project in our master bathroom (I actually got before pictures for that one) in the next couple of weeks.  It’s definitely kept us busy, but this is usually the time our life speeds up until about August.   We plan to just hang on and enjoy every moment of it! 🙂

Week #6 – No TV for one week


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