Spring Cleaning Part Eight – Meditation

So, I know this post is late.  We had family in town this past weekend, and I couldn’t find the time to get a post prepped between getting ready for them and tying up all the loose ends at work.  However, the thirty minutes a day of meditation definitely helped my stress levels.

In fact, I found a new place to meditate, or take my laptop for some writing, or even to read a book.  Michael and I bought a water fountain (a little one) for our backyard, and I cleaned it out last week.  Once I figured out how it worked, I would get up every morning, go to the backyard, turn on the fountain, sit on the patio and just meditate.

Now, I didn’t do thirty minutes every day.  It’s quite hard to focus that long, especially for an “oh, look at the shiny distractions” kind of girl I am.  But there were a couple really great days of just focusing.  I focused on the water running.  I focused on the sun rising slowly (that was probably my favorite).  I focused on the wind or the birds waking up.  I focused on calming scriptures of the Bible.

There are so many ways to meditate, and so many things to meditate on.  If you haven’t tried it, it can be pretty exhilarating.  I would definitely recommend it.  🙂


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