Enter Cliché Wedding Title Here:

Though, there’s very little at this wedding that could be considered cliché at all.

I have known Aaron, the groom, since I was a freshman in college.  I can’t say that about a lot of people.  There’s a reason for that.  In fact, at this wedding, Aaron introduced me in the most concise and accurate way.  “She’s one of the very few friends from freshman year that isn’t insane”.  Our friends back then were quite colorful characters who have stories that are either tragic or strange that somehow a few of us managed to avoid (all I can say is thanks be to God’s grace because I literally wouldn’t be where I am today).

I met his bride Annie a few weeks ago.  They came over for dinner and games, so I could meet the woman that captivated Aaron’s heart.  She is gorgeous.  One of her friends gave a toast last night that said, “When I met her, I just knew I wanted to be her friend.”  She really does give off that vibe that you just want to be friends with her.  Yes, she is just that cool.

Now, for the wedding.  It was unconventional.  There was no bridal party.  The families didn’t get ushered to their seats.  It was held in a small backyard of a house church.  She walked in from the side of the house, escorted by her dad and stepdad.

Annie walking in, and Aaron adorably gawking at her.  🙂

The preacher gave a devotional on love and submission as Christians.  They exchanged rings and said “I do.”  Aaron joked back and forth with the preacher.

They kissed, hugged and posed right there for some pictures.

There were a few toasts, one really sweet one from her dad.

Cutting their cake (the room was so small, I just took a picture from the backyard.)  You may see some doughnuts there as well.  It was National Doughnut Day after all.  🙂

Sometimes I forget how wonderful simplicity can be.  Life tends to complicate things because I don’t want to accept myself as a flawed human being.  Somewhere along the way I equated beauty with society’s ideal of perfection.  Beauty is laughing with friends on a hot summer night while the mosquitoes are biting your legs.  Beauty is cramming into a small backyard with dozens of other people to witness the love of Christ exemplified in a quiet marriage ceremony.  Beauty is not knowing anyone at the party, but feeling completely at ease among new friends.  Beauty is seeing God’s perfection in the faces around you, and knowing that you are loved just as you are right then and there.

Michael and I had a great time, and we look forward to visiting with these awesome friends again!


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