House Projects Catch Up

I spent a lot of time in May putting together house projects.  Well, now I will share with you the two biggest ones that we did.  Basically, my husband and I each took a bathroom and we did one major project.  First, my husband’s wonderful masterpiece.

Basically, we bought molding, three boards, and white paint.  The molding was already white, but we had to paint the shelves.  We measured out the frame first and then built shelves to fit.  Then, as an extra bonus, we put a border around the top of the shelf that was out of the same molding as the frame.

My project in the guest bathroom:

I found the tree branch decal on Amazon.  The wording decal was from Uppercase Living that had been on there pretty much since we bought the house.  I just angled the branches around the wording.  Then I bought double robe hooks from Walmart to hang the towels.  We had four guests using this bathroom, and it worked out well.

One other thing, on Pinterest, I found a whole new way to organize my blog using it!  I have a lot of my interests as boards, and I pinned things I might (and probably will) do in the future!  I also used it to keep track of the stuff I’ve already done.  I felt very proud of myself for figuring out this organizing technique (kind of like when I was in middle school and figured out the class riddle).

Hope you have a great weekend!

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