Just Checking In!

Sorry for the lack of photos in this post.  My interests the last couple of days didn’t have a lot of photo opportunities in them.  Wednesday was bubble bath day (which was very much enjoyed).  Thursday was learning more vocabulary (did you know that mot juste actually means that exact word you always try to say?).  Friday was singing (complete with some really belted renditions of Les Miserables songs).

I’m turning 29 next week.  Honestly, I look forward to my 30s.  I feel like people in their thirties seem more grounded and less worried about what other people think than people in their 20s.  It may just be a greener grass observation, but still, I look forward to the adventure.

Looking back over this last decade, I have grown a lot in some areas and struggled in a lot more.  As a kid, I had no problem sharing my life with strangers and telling people my opinions without fearing the consequences.  In the last ten years, especially in the last five, I became more hesitant to share at all.  I started worrying that who I was wasn’t good enough, especially I shared the flaws.  That led to comparing myself to people I thought were successful.  I stopped blogging altogether last year because I was afraid that I had completely lost focus.

So, I guess now that I’m all introspective, I ask myself why do I blog now?  It seems that on the outside, finding connection and wanting attention are almost indistinguishable.  I realize that I’m really hard on myself but it’s because I really, honestly, want to do the right thing.  I want to write as if no one’s reading.  I want to be honest and transparent, holding myself accountable for my daily choice. I want to keep my focus on my path and not lose my way to who I will be tomorrow.

That’s why I blog.  To find connection in a honest and transparent way that will help me stay accountable to who I am and who I want to be.  To learn from others with humility and be inspired.

I just wanted to stop and take a moment to, again, thank you for stopping by and walking this journey with me.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Just Checking In!”

  1. I just turned 29 on the 11th, and I couldn’t have described my view of turning ’30’ any better. I too am goin to embrace it, and I don’t fear it in the least. And I have to say that I too hope I’ll be more grounded and maybe take things a bit less seriously once I get there. 🙂 Happy early birthday!

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