Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday…

I don’t know why, but that’s the song that pops in my head every year around my birthday, just that part of the song too.

Well, I’m sorry for being MIA lately.  Last week was my birthday week (my birthday was during the week this year, so my husband decided to make it a birthday week celebration instead of just one or two days).  I stopped everything for that week to enjoy some down time.  No blogging, no working out, just sleeping in to 6 or 7 in the morning and doing pretty much whatever I wanted after work.  It was lovely.

There were other things that happened last week, too.  Like all of this:

Michael had it worked out so that I had something to open every day for my birthday week.  Not all the gifts were from him, but I still had something special to open each day.  The big picture is from him, and it was my big gift.  It is a Pandora bracelet with two charms – one is a dog (because I love my pups) and the other is a heart charm made in Murano glass (because we have an Italian background, and Murano is an island in Venice, Italy).  I absolutely love this gift, and so does my husband because this will be helpful for him for many gifts to come.  (My love language is Gifts, and he knows that.  It stresses him out every time because he doesn’t want to disappoint me in my language.  This is the perfect compromise.)

But gift giving wasn’t the only thing that happened:

On my actual birthday, I had breakfast in bed (my family tradition that he honors every year).  Then, I had a massage (not pictured, but it was amazing).  When I came home, he had the dining room table decked out, and our favorite take away pizza WITH a non-high fructose corn syrup soda!  Oh, and I didn’t turn 25, but he says that I am every year, so he thought he might as well make that official with candles in cupcakes this year.  I couldn’t argue.  🙂

Then, this past weekend, we wrapped up the festivities with a movie (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – review to come, I also read the book before seeing the movie – that review to come as well), lunch at my favorite Mexican place and shopping.  On Sunday, we had a small group celebration of June birthdays, but I was the only one there out of the four people who celebrate in June, so I got to blow out the candle.  That cake was amazing, too.

So, that was my week.  It was glorious, and my husband truly spoiled me.  Do you have any birthday traditions or favorite things your husband/significant other did for you?


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