So Long, Mayberry

Andy Griffith died today.

While I may be too young for the first showing of the Andy Griffith Show, and I was still quite young during Matlock, Andy Griffith has always seemed to be a staple in my young TV life.  He represented a slower, sweeter life pace that I think has been lost in the present generation.

My generation kind of bridge the gap between before and after the internet.  I still remember getting lost in the mountains of books at the library (hey, I still do.  I love the library only 10 minutes walking distance from my house).  I remember having to depend on the Dewey Decimal System instead of the search bar on the computer.

I remember the first computer we had, and it didn’t have internet.  We used it to write papers and play typing games.  I think I visited my first chat room as a junior in high school.  I was in high school when I got my first email address as well.

I don’t think I made the transition as eloquently and gracefully as others have.  I’m quite awkward online, never really sure what to say.  I am so much more at home sitting in a large group of people and talking about any subject.

Even when I started blogging in college, I still preferred to hang out in the Student Center and talk to people passing by on their way to whatever they were doing.   Perhaps it’s because I’m an extrovert and being online just doesn’t fill that need for me.  Perhaps I’m just weird.  Probably the second one.  🙂

Andy Griffith’s death signifies an ending era for me.  Now everything is fast, convenient and accessible.  I can’t help but wonder what the sheriff would think about our lifestyle now.


2 thoughts on “So Long, Mayberry

  1. I remember learning the Dewey Decimal System!! I have had to teach my high school students how to find a book in the library. It’s sad.

    And It’s definitely the end of an era when a person who prefers speaking to others face to face versus online feels they’re in the minority. 🙂 And you might be right. Our world is SO different now.

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