Have we had an adventure this week!

This was early Friday morning

It all started last Thursday night when Michael heard a click and then the A/C stopped running.  All that was running was the fan in the attic.

I work from home, and over the course of the Friday workday, it slowly got hotter and hotter.  By 3:30, it was past 90 degrees upstairs, while the downstairs was still  4 degrees cooler but slowly climbing.  We called our Home Warranty Company and they said that someone could be out tomorrow.

Sleeping in Style
My hot date 🙂

We decided to use this as an opportunity for a special date.  We booked a room at a local hotel, used a gift certificate we had for Olive Garden (with leftovers for the next day!) and had a continental breakfast in the morning.  We stayed as long as we could at the hotel before having to check out and head back to the heated house.

We got back and spent most of our time in the living room downstairs, watching TV and waiting for the A/C guy to show.  When he did, it turned out our compressor went kaput…and it couldn’t be fixed until Monday or Tuesday.

Camping out in the living room!

First, we are overwhelming blessed with the outpouring of support from our friends.  We had offers to stay at their houses, and lots of empathetic advice (so nice to know that this happens to everyone!).  However, we made the decision to stay home Saturday night because we had to get up very early the next day because I was singing at church.

Saturday was awesome, even though we had the a/c issues.  We learned some nifty ideas when this happens that I wanted to share.

    1. Putting frozen water bottles behind or in front of the fan allows it to blow cooler air.
    2. Closing all the shades during the day and opening them at night helps the air flow well (as well as opening the windows at night).
    3. There are a lot of free places to beat the heat, and our favorite we have found today is the library.
    4. Make it fun!  We turned sleeping downstairs into a mini camping trip in the living room!
    5. Finally, drink LOTS of water.  We definitely lost a lot of water weight, but it’s important to replace that water and avoid yucky dehydration headaches.

      My friend Andra and me at the ice cream social!
Total Recall!

Sunday, we headed to church for both services, then ate lunch.  We did use the oven that morning to make biscuits, but we immediately turned it off once it was done.  We figured it wouldn’t be bad if we just used it in the morning.  We came home for a small nap in front of the fan and then went out to the movies (Total Recall).  We were blessed that the church was hosting a gospel singing and ice cream social.  What better way to beat the heat?

Monday is when the real adventure began.  Michael moved all my necessary machinery (computer and printer/scanner/fax) downstairs to his office so I didn’t have to spend the day upstairs in my office.  My awesome friend, Allison, invited me over for lunch. Her husband Randy and my husband Michael have been playing golf together this summer, and they were married about 6 months before us.  They have a little boy named Eli who is 2. It was so great catching up with her!  We also went over to their house that night so that I could make Buffalo Wings and Zucchini chips (a Monday tradition).  It was a wonderful night.  We even brought the dogs over!

Tuesday, I spent the whole day at the house.  I learned the icepacks on the neck help keep you cool during the peak heat hours!  At this point, the A/C guys said they would come with the new compressor on Wednesday.

Wednesday, I spent most of the day in anticipation.  Because I was in a different part of the house, the internet worked differently.  Also, I felt kind of off my game in the unfamiliar surroundings.  But the A/C guys did come around 4 PM and by 5, we were feeling cool air coming through the vents!  We decided to have one more night of living room camping just for the fun of it.  It was so wonderful to have cool air again!

Also, one last note, we had lots of answered prayers with the rain that came through a little bit each day on Monday through Wednesday.  It kept a cooler house than what might have been in the Texas August heat!  I give God all the glory for our cool house and cool heads through the whole experience!


1 thought on “Have we had an adventure this week!”

  1. […] The first time that I can remember was back in 2012, August, one of the hottest months of the year.  Luckily, or by the grace of God, it rained a lot that week, making the weather a lot cooler than it could have been.  I remember I worked from home, and Michael moved everything downstairs so I wouldn’t have to work in the hottest room in the house.  And we camped out in the living room.  Actually, I wrote an entire post about it here. […]

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