Happy Relaxation Day!

In honor of Relaxation Day (yes, it’s one of those obscure holidays.  I’m not just making it up), I decided to share with you my three favorite things I can do to help myself relax.

First one is a really good workout.  Whether a run to some great music or a nice yoga routine, I love a great workout that leaves you refreshed and full of energy (after a long drink of water and a shower, that is!).  Right now, I’m doing the Running Into Shape 5K podcast (Here’s a link to the specific one I am doing, although there are several out there).  I love the fact of not having to keep up with a stopwatch and an iPod while trying to run at the same time (although, I’m sure that would amuse the neighbors).

My second favorite thing to relax is a hot bath.  My favorite bath products are from Lush, which introduced me to the amazing bath bomb.  Lush is a bit expensive for me to have on a normal basis, but it’s a wonderful treat every once in a while.  My favorites are Twilight (glittery Princess bubble bath), Big Blue (like sitting in the ocean), and Sex Bomb (a pink bath with floating flower petals).

Finally, my third favorite way to relax is to just sit down and color.  I love drawing, and I’m not really that good at it.  But it’s more than just drawing.  It’s painting, sketching, even coloring in a coloring book.  I think my favorite venture in this department was going to a little painting class of sorts for the painting over our mantle.  I love the colors and the memories of learning the different strokes and how to build on each layer.

Whatever you use to relax, I encourage you to indulge a bit today.  It is relaxation day after all!  What is your favorite way to relax?


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