Happy Potato Day!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a completely different take on blogging lately.  I came across this book, A Year in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything from Jane Austen to the A-list by Camilla Morton.  Inside were fun things you could do throughout the year, as well as fascinating tidbits of history.  I love all things trivia, and this inspired me to research more about the many things people do and celebrate each day of the year.  Then, the journey took me to creating my own list of celebrations using history, both personal and public, as well as those quirky day celebrations you can find online.  Now, I have something to celebrate or remember every day, something to be inspirational and motivating in my own life.

Well, today is Potato Day.  Potatoes are used in our little family as a back up each week for a day we just don’t feel like cooking, or Scrounge Day (the Leftover/Potato day of the week).  Yes, I have each week planned with a different theme for each day, not the same day each week, but at least once a week we have Mexican, Italian, American, Fish, Wings (well, that’s always on Monday), Scrounge Day and Grocery Day (which generally falls on the same day each week as well).

A Night Out with Small Group!

Well, Potatoes were front and center this Sunday, since it was Potato Day after all.  I thought about making hashbrowns this morning, but we had to get up really early for church because I’m working in the media booth.  Tonight, our small group headed out to eat for our end of the summer time together.  So, that left lunch.  And since I worked both services, I didn’t want to cook something too extravagant.  So, we decided on Baked Potatoes!
My favorite Baked Potato dressings are a very small amount of butter or sour cream (but not both), cheese (if I’m feeling crazy), chives, and pepper.  My husband likes more dairy on his potato.  They are super easy to make and oh so delicious to eat!  Perhaps when this day comes around next year, we won’t be so busy and I will be able to bust out more potato recipes!


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