Can a Banana Split?

Yesterday was Banana Split day!  So, last week on Grocery Night, Michael and I gathered all of the ingredients for a yummy banana split!  Here is the result last night!!

As for the rest of the day, it was quite wonderful, but that will have to be a post for later this week.  😉


2 thoughts on “Can a Banana Split?”

  1. Can I leave you with a suggestion?? (This is based solely on the fact that I missed banana split day, and I am SO sad about that. LOL). Maybe you could say what today is… and then let us know what next Sunday will be. You know, to gives us a heads up as to what the ‘holiday’ will be in one week. Or you could just say, “and tomorrow will be.” Something like that. I’ve SO been enjoying these posts!!!!! And sometimes, I totally want to join in too! 🙂 (Especially when it has to do with banana splits). LOL.

  2. Oh dear! That’s a great idea! I’ve already posted another today, but I will work on getting a calendar set up on a separate page so you can know what is coming up!

    I have a calendar up, but I don’t have every day filled. Some days will be just personal updates. I will put up the days I think are the most interesting (or most yummy) each week.

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