I Have A Dream

This is just a brief thought today.

Forty-nine years ago, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a Baptist minister shared his vision for the future of America.  It was a longing for people to see each other as equals.  It was a hope that people would be more interested in the character of a person instead of the way they looked.

It’s a hard change to make, something that can’t be moralized by law.  As a nation, we still struggle with prejudices which I believe can stem from our own insecurities.  We don’t feel good enough, but we want to at least be better than our neighbor.  So we find a flaw or create one, or we let history create one for us.

It’s when we take responsibility for our insecurities and issues instead of masking them on someone else that we can truly grow.

Below is a recording of the famous speech.  The actual “I have a dream” part starts somewhere around 12:30.


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