National Literacy Day!

I love books.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are of walking up and down the aisles of the library.  I remember how I would walk slowly from one end to the other, running my hands along the spines, trying to decide on just a few to take home.  I remember the quiet and the smell of musty pages, just waiting to be opened and devoured.

In an age of viral videos and the ability to gather information quickly at the push of a search button, I think the art of getting lost in that information has gone to the wayside.  People read to get what they need and then move on.  Well, not all people, of course.  I know that there are others out there like me who long for the big comfy chair in the corner of the room, curling up in an adventure, a love story, a faraway fantasy.

Here are the books that I’m reading at the moment (Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff and The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi).  Once I finish, I will review!

What books are you reading at the moment?

2 thoughts on “National Literacy Day!

  1. Lisa F

    How fitting. CJ and I spent Saturday morning at several book stores. We picked up the Love Languages (which we’ve never read) and a book called The Search For Significance. I also picked up some children’s books for my classroom. 🙂

    1. OurSimpleLoveStory Post author

      I wish I had a good excuse to buy children’s books…especially the well illustrated ones! Love Languages is awesome. I’ve never heard of the other one, though. Sounds interesting.


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