I Love my Grandparents!

Growing up, I was blessed to have all four grandparents, and even a couple of great grandparents as well!  They each have a special place in my heart.  Since it’s Grandparents Day, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you how each one has affected my life.

Grandma Annette took me to Italy as a college graduation present.  A lot of people say I look just like her.  She has always been my cheerleader, no matter what route I would take.  We had Christmas at her house, and every Christmas morning, I would creep out of my bedroom, only to find Grandma already up and making blueberry pancakes.  She calls me every now and then, just to see how things are going.  She taught me the importance of appreciating our family history.

Grandpa Drake taught me to appreciate a good car and a good deal.  He is always going to the local yard sales and buying beautiful pieces of furniture, or maybe just a puzzle or two.  He loves to watch a good baseball game, and I remember sitting in his radio room, listening to him talk to the guys on the ham radio.  That was long before instant messaging or chat rooms.  He was always way ahead of his time.  🙂

Grandma Lora has always been quite the seamstress.  Every time I came to visit, I would see her sewing machine buried in fabric, while she was working on a new project for the church or a local family.  She taught me how to cross stitch and make bread from scratch (without a bread maker).  She is retired now, but for years she did bookkeeping and was a church secretary, always very involved and very busy.  She taught me to have a good work ethic.

Grandpa Wilbur passed away last year, three days before my birthday.  He had an infectious laugh.  I remember he would tell stories when I was  kid that were a little spooky, but the kind that were quiet until a very abrupt and loud ending that would make you jump and then laugh.  He was always fixing things and selling them, and he had a heart for God.  He taught me about putting family first.

I love my grandparents.  They all taught me things that I will carry with me forever.  Do you have a grandparent or surrogate grandparent that you are close to?


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