A Series of Unfortunate Events

This week did not go in any way like I planned, and that’s okay.  If I could avoid another week like this in the future, though, it would be very much appreciated.

It all started on Saturday.  We were to go to a friends house for dinner, but they got sick.  So in order to prevent spreading this possible sickness, we postponed the dinner for another time (this is quite ironic as you will soon see).  We decided to try this restaurant that sold wings.  We are BIG wing lovers (I even make my own version at home once a week), so we ordered a few different kinds to try.

That night I went to bed, no problem.  I woke up the next morning, got ready for church.  It was going to be a longer Sunday than usual since I was singing at both services, had a missions meeting and then a baby shower, all held at the church.  It was rainy all day and cold.

I realized after first service that I forgot to take my allergy meds and I was feeling a little off.  We made the trip back home for the meds and then returned for second service.  By the time I made it to the meeting, I was achy all over.  The cold room didn’t help, so I decided to head down to where the baby shower was.  I set up in a chair to take pictures, but at this point my head was hurting, body aching, hurt to be touched, and I was dizzy.

I had to leave the baby shower early.  Michael drove me home, and I promptly wrapped in a blanket and stayed in bed the rest of the day.  My temperature maxed at 102.

Then, around 4:30 Monday morning, I was in the bathroom.  The bathroom and I became friends that day, as I visited it about every 30-45 mins at a time.  I will save you the details on that.  Michael immediately knew now what was happening.

I had been poisoned.  By food.

This was my first experience with food poisoning.  Usually an outbreak will last at most 48 hours.  We stocked up on crackers, gatorade (which we watered down) and other stomach food essentials.  Then I just rested.  We started to wonder if we should go to the doctor when my fatigue and other symptoms hadn’t gone away by Wednesday morning, but by that evening most of the symptoms were fading.

I slept through the entire night last night.  I feel like I’m finally out of the woods.  I still have some slight issues here and there, but it’s all very manageable.  Finally my series of unfortunate events had ended!  We think it was probably salmonella, judging how long it took to recover.  Whatever it was, I’m just glad it’s going away.  🙂


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