This is the last one, I promise.

I’m not going to be making a dozen posts about food poisoning, but I felt like I had to make one more because I’ve learned so much from this experience.  I don’t want to forget these lessons, so why not a public blog post?  🙂

1. I can’t eat everything.  Many of you might not know that I actually do have some food allergies/intolerances.  I’m allergic to pork products, and greasy fried foods don’t go over well with me either.  I don’t know how I’m surviving in the south.  🙂  However, I didn’t realize how abnormal you can feel when you can’t even eat things you usually can.  When I was feeling much better on Wednesday and Thursday, I just wanted to go back to eating the way I was used to.  That’s hard when you have to take out all dairy, most fresh fruits, and a number of other foods I hold so dear.  I could only incorporate them back in when my body finally started acting normal.  This was way too long of a process than I would have liked.

2. I have the best husband in the world.  My sweetie this week, while working 10-12 hour days would come home with crackers and gatorade, make sure I was doing okay, fix dinner, and take complete care of me.  He never complained once.  He even did all the laundry.  Friday night, he took me out for a game of mini-golf, just so I could get out of the house.  Then, last night, he took me to a movie at the dollar theater and our first experiment with dairy since the illness (which was a success).  Seriously, sweetest guy ever.

3. I have the best dogs in the world.  This entire week, my pup Jerzee has never left my side, especially on the bad days.  I would wake up and she would be right there next to me.  When I tried going back to work, she was sitting in her chair, watching me.  I thought Loco had abandoned me at one point, until I realized that his “watching post” was under our bed. Maybe so that he wouldn’t disturb me.  Even today, I’m sitting on the couch, and Jerzee is on the couch with me, Loco is at my feet.  I am truly blessed with my little family.

4. It’s okay to make plans as long as you realize you aren’t in control.  I’ve been organizing and planning a lot lately.  In fact, I’ve probably been more obsessed with planning lately as I have been planning upcoming trips and hosting dinners and staying more busy than usual.  Sometimes all that planning gives me a false sense of control.  Well, this week was a reminder that it was all okay, even if things don’t turn out the way I plan them.

5. Thank God that He is in control.  I did a lot of praying this past week.  I prayed on my fears that it might be something worse than food poisoning.  I prayed that Michael wouldn’t lose his mind in the process of work and taking care of me.   I bargained and pleaded.  Then, on Wednesday, after my energy had finally given out, something pulled me to our backyard.  There was a small strip of sun still left on our patio, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat in the sun.  A wave of peace washed over me.  I knew that everything was going to be okay, even if I didn’t have a hand in it.  I sang “Blessed Be Your Name” over and over again.  The experience was awesome.

6. Overall, I learned that I needed to slow down.  Being sick is understood by everyone.  When I told them that I had food poisoning, people gave me time and space to recuperate and heal.  The world slowed down.  I didn’t really realize how sped up I had become until everything had to stop.  Then, I could see the blessings in a home-cooked meal.  I could appreciate the friends and family surrounding me.  I could appreciate the amazing healing powers God has put into this body to allow me to eat something poisonous and still be able to live to tell the tale.

I’m sure there were many other little lessons I had along the way, but those were really big themes this week.  I’m thankful for my job for letting me take the time to heal.  I’m thankful for my family and friends who offered compassion and advice.  I’m thankful for my little family and the support I received.  And I’m really thankful for ice cream.  Really.  Like, it’s amazing, guys.

Hope you all have a great week!


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