Comic Books!

Today is National Comic Book day!  When I was a kid, I used to buy comic book character trading cards.  I was fascinated with all the different abilities, the back stories.  I ate it all up.  My favorite of all time was probably Jean Grey/Phoenix or Black Widow.  I was drawn to strong characters who had dark pasts that they overcame for the good of mankind.

When I was in college, I had a group of friends that went to every comic movie – from Spiderman to X-men.  In fact, one of the leaders of this group was the guy who got married at the beginning of this summer.

He introduced me to a lot more about comic books than just the basic knowledge I had from childhood.  In fact, he gave me this comic book as a college graduation present.

He knew my affinity for female comic book characters, especially ones who were a bit on the dark side.  So, in honor of Comic Book day, I am going to curl up with some Danger Girl this evening.


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