World Tourism Day

Today, the United Nations observes World Tourism Day, which is a way to promote tourism worldwide.  Typically, this is the time of year when the tourism stops for the northern hemisphere (since it is getting colder) and starts for the southern hemisphere (where it is getting warmer).

Typically, the UN has a theme each year.  This year it’s “Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development”.  Several different industries participated this year in finding better ways to promote a greener experience for tourists and travelers.  Airlines are finding more fuel-efficient ways to travel.  Hotels are embracing more greener tactics for less energy consumption.

One thing I have noticed in the hotels we visited this year is a requested to reuse towels.  If you want to reuse your towels for multiple days, you simply hang them on the provided racks.  If you want fresh towels, you leave them on the floor.  It’s an easy way to help the hotels become more eco-friendly.

We don’t get to travel as often as we would like due to our jobs.  Because of this, we have created a little “Tourist” Game to help explore our area (which isn’t hard to do since the Dallas area is huge).  The rule is you have to be able to get there and back within a day.  What better way to “stay green” than to find new places to explore or discover within a day’s drive of your home?  During one of our “tourist” games, we found this amazing little restaurant.  It was still a bit of a drive, but it was oh so good.

One of my favorite sites to find nifty places to visit is  It has SO many reviews and ideas about everything from great restaurants (see above) to museums or other things to do.  Plus, you can use the map feature to select an area you have never been, and it can really feel like a nice little vacation!  (I am not sponsored by Yelp, but it is quite helpful in planning excursions on the weekends.)

By the way, we have family coming in this weekend!  So, it looks like we will be playing tourist again soon!  I will let you know all about the adventure next week!  🙂


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