Happy Anniversary, House!

This month, we celebrate another anniversary of home ownership.  It has been a great ride, learning all the ins and outs of a house.  So, I want to share with you three things we have learned about owning our home.

1. Even if you can do it yourself, always have the number to a great handyman.  Our handyman comes from our church (which is a great resource for this kind of thing, by the way).  He is trustworthy and dependable, something that is not always the case in that market.

2. Get a home warranty!  This is a BIG one.  We invested in one when we bought the house, but we continue renewing every year.  It has replaced our microwave and fixed our A/C for very minimal amounts of money (the microwave was replaced for free!)

3. Celebrate the little traditions which make the house your home.  When we moved into our house, we didn’t have any pots or pans or dishes out of the boxes yet.  So, we went down to the closest fast food place to pick up dinner.  This year, we ate Sonic once again and reminisced on all of our past projects as well as future ones we hope to do one day.

These are my favorite projects this year.

Also!  To help in the future project daydreaming, I found this nifty site called houzz.com.  It is a site full of room pictures in different styles.  It gives me so much inspiration!

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