Travel Series: How I packed my carry-on

So my video camera is still out of commission, so I made a little picture montage for you below!  This was how I packed my suitcase (there was a lot of trial and error that you won’t see, but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how it worked out).  Enjoy!

Here is everything I packed, not including what I will wear on the plane – 3 jeans, 2 scarves, 10 camis, 5 shirts, 4 cardigans, 1 extra pair of shoes, 1 dress and underwear

This is the carry-on. Granted, it’s the biggest one we have, but I’m within the airline guidelines. 🙂

First, I lined all the underwear and the extra pair of shoes in the crevices at the bottom (a scarf was in each shoe). I put my bras on top with a belt laying across (which you will see the belt later)

I laid all three jeans on top

Then, I rolled all the camis into two bags. This will help with space and protect the clothes from anything wet.

I did the same thing with the shirts in one bag, the cardigans in another and the dress in another.

Then I placed them all on top of the jeans. Four of them fit snugly in one layer, and the fifth bag was on top

Then I placed the sleep clothes on top for easy access

I closed the jeans around the rest of the clothes and secured with the belt. This compressed everything, and even gave me some space around the sides for toiletries and my brushes!

I put my liquid quart bag on the outside front pocket to make it easy when we are going through security

And that was that!  I zipped it up without any trouble!  Thank goodness for YouTube and all the travel sites for all the amazing advice on rolling clothes.

Do you have any nifty packing techniques?

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