Trip to Europe

Oh my goodness, guys.  This week hasn’t just been crazy.  It’s been insane.

So, I was all set Saturday morning to go through the last of my pictures for my top ten post, when my computer died.  It would reboot, but it would never get past that start screen.  And it was the one computer that had all my pictures on it.  The. only. one.

Luckily, my husband managed to get all my important things off the hard drive and fix it (we didn’t lose anything in the fixing process), but my computer is sadly dying (it’s four years old, it’s had a good run).  So, I am awaiting a new one that is being shipped as we speak.

But I did not give up.  I have those pictures for you today!

First, we went to Paris.  We had dinner under the Eiffel tower which was really fancy.  At the top of every hour, the tower would twinkle with lights.  It was so romantic.

The next day we went to the Louvre and Notre Dame.  This was my favorite picture of the day, since it was the entire view from the top of the Notre Dame cathedral.  So gorgeous!

The third day, I would have to say that this was my favorite picture.  This is Nicole, my best friend from high school.  She lives in France!  She is married with an adorable little girl.  I loved every minute of my visit with her and her family!

On our way from France to Italy, we traveled along the coast line.  I couldn’t stop looking out of the window, because every time we came out of a tunnel, this is what we saw.

Our train stopped in Venice, where we spent the day shopping, going to Doge’s Palace and eating in the square.  Even so, this was probably one of my most favorite moments (and pictures) that day.

After a day in Venice, we traveled to Florence for a couple days.  The first evening we were there, we went to the Piazzale Michelangelo for some beautiful, scenic pics.

I know you might think that a picture of padlocks is an odd favorite picture, but the second night in Florence we went on a tour with a friend who lives there teaching English.  The story behind these is whenever a couple gets engaged, they put a padlock on a chain or gate and then throw the key into the river to symbolize being attached to each other forever.

The second day in Florence, we also took a trip to Pisa.  We had pizza there (because we couldn’t pass up Pizza in Pisa) and also some of the most delicious chocolate from a shop in Pisa proper.  We took this pic chilling out in Miracle Square (with the leaning tower of course!)

The last city in our trip was in Rome.  We went to the Colosseum, the Pantheon and finally ended our day throwing our coins into the Trevi Fountain.  🙂

We had one more day in Rome, so we spent most of it at the Vatican.  We saw the Sistine Chapel, and then headed to St. Peter’s Basilica to see the Pieta.

Overall, the trip was amazing, breath-taking, gorgeous and all-around fun.  We hope to make more trips like this one in the future!

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