Today is Thanksgiving.  What is the first thing that comes to your head when you think about this holiday?  Is it turkey?  Family?  Traditions?  An attitude of gratitude?

This month, I have been posting a picture a day of blessings in my life, some were a little silly and some a little more serious.  I’ve had to take a reprieve from the daily postings because I don’t have my camera connection with me at the moment.  I’ve been feeling guilty, not posting like I was.  My stress level was rising.

Then I stepped back to look at what I was doing.  I was treating gratitude like a trendy commodity.  There is nothing wrong with being thankful for what you have, but it was all about the presentation.  It was about the clever words and perfected pictures.

I will probably catch up with my pictures this month, but hopefully I can keep this thought in mind.

My thankfulness should be more than a 30 day list of blessings.  It’s more than lip service on a Thursday afternoon.  It’s about my words and my actions.  It’s living a life of continued gratitude.  And it’s something I am still learning every day.


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