Organized, Not Controlled

I like being an organized person.  Writing to-do lists and planning my month are actually hobbies of mine.

This hobby, however, evolved into a need for control in my life, instead of trusting God.  If things went the way I planned, it would give me a false sense of control.  If they didn’t, my world would come crashing down.

I’ve been learning to give that need for control over to God.  And yet, I was torn, because I really did love the actual organization of it all.  Then, I realized something this past week.  Giving control to God didn’t mean I had to give up my hobby completely.

I can still have fun organizing my day, if I remember the One who is in control.  It takes the pressure off of those to-do lists.  I can still feel disappointment if I don’t get it done, but my world doesn’t have to come crashing down.  In fact, I could actually help others in the process.

This next year, I will focus the blog on organization.  What better place to start than the chaotic Christmas season?  More to come soon!

Do you have any nifty organization traditions this time of year?


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