Christmas Cards (Culling the Christmas Chaos Series)

Christmas cards can be stressful.  There are the pictures to take and envelopes to address.  Here’s what we have done to try to cull the chaos.

This year, we used a picture from Europe, but most years, we just have a friend or family member take a few in November.  It’s more about who is in the picture than how perfect the picture can look.

In the past, we have used both Walmart and Shutterfly for our cards.  Walmart is less expensive, but Shutterfly gives you the option to mail them out from their site.  It really depends on which stress is more stressful for you (and if there’s a sale).  The quality of the card never really matters much to me, since in a year it will be obsolete anyway.  🙂

Also, we limit the number of actual cards we buy.  We would never want to leave anyone out, but most people share their card on Facebook now, so we tend to only send the physical cards out to our family and closest friends, then share a virtual one with everyone else.  Since that list doesn’t change much from year to year, it’s easy to keep up with their addresses.

Cards addressed, stamped, and ready to go!  Do you send out cards this time of year?
Do you send out cards this time of year?

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