Christmas Gift Idea for Friends

During this holiday, I love making special gifts for our small group.  This year, I made each family a cookie mix to enjoy.  It was a great gift for this group since we all share a love for baking (seriously, the desserts at our small group are amazing-to-die-for-goodness).  You can find the recipe here.

I bought all of the supplies at our local Walmart.  The store sells these canning jars at about seven dollars for twelve.  I took the list of ingredients and multiplied it by four to fit our group.  Then, I used the assembly line method to fill each jar.

Cookie Mix

After the jars were filled, the fun of decorating begins!  Each year that I’ve done a mix, I have attached the recipe differently.  This was favorite so far!  I threaded each recipe and tied it around the jar, then I tied a ribbon above the recipe. The ribbon was lined with wire, so it was easy to manipulate.


I love these because they are fun to make, and they can be made whenever it’s convenient for that person.

What kind of gifts do you give your friends?

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