Christmas Packing

This year, during the holiday season, we take a road trip to visit all of our family.  I totaled the amount of hours this year, and we will be in the car for a full 28 hours (not consecutively, but it’s still a lot).  In a car, instead of a plane, we are able to carry a lot more.  That can lead to a lot of things overlooked or left behind, either at home or at any one of the various stops along our way.  Here’s the plan:

1. I made a very detailed list in excel of what I would need each day of the trip.


2. I combined each list into one, and then divided those things among 5 different categories, including a category for what I would wear the day we leave.


3. When I packed everything, I marked them off with a highlighter.


4. At each stop, I crossed out the clothes that went into the “dirty clothes” bag,  then placed a checkmark next to things once they were packed again.


I love visiting family, so this technique allows me to spend more time with them, and less time worrying whether I forgot something.  Hope your holidays are stress free!

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