Five Years

I want to tell you all about my New Years Eve Celebration, but first…I gotta tell you about last weekend.

Five years ago, I married my sweet husband.  We have had a lot of ups and downs, but we have grown closer to each other, learning more about each other and loving each other even more.  Our trip to Europe was our real celebration for our anniversary, so I figured our actual anniversary would just be a quiet night at home.

Or so I thought.

Michael was off on Friday.  I had to work.  So, he was running errands, taking my car to get the oil changed, things like that.  Then, he came home and told me to pack an overnight bag.  That was all he told me.

We got in the car and our first stop was the iPic theater near our house for a showing of Les Miserables!  iPic Theaters are the kind of movie theaters that serve fancy meals you eat during the movie.  I had a turkey, bree and apple butter Panini.  It was really good.


Les Miserables was the first musical I watched in a theater when I was in high school.  My parents took me to the Fox Theater in Atlanta.  We sat in the nosebleed section, and it was amazing.  I fell in love with all of the songs.  Fall of Rain is probably my favorite.  The movie was amazing as well.  Anne Hathaway made me cry, as did Fall of Rain, though that song makes me cry anyway.

After the movie and dinner, we headed to our hotel room for the night.  We stayed on the very top floor, and the view was amazing.


The next day, we did some shopping, and then headed to the Perot Natural Science Museum (my husband got tickets several weeks ago.  Apparently, he has been planning this for some time).  The museum was so fun!  We watched a 3D movie on ancient sea monsters.  Then, we went through the exhibits.  I loved the dinosaur fossils, and Michael’s favorite part was the energy exhibit.

037 050

Another exhibit showed newly named specimens, two of which cracked me up.  There is a mushroom named after SpongeBob Square Pants (which  makes the scientific name sound hilarious) and a monkey called a Sneezing monkey.

057 058a

After the museum, we ended the trip with a dinner at El Fenix.


On our wedding night, we couldn’t get into any of the restaurants around our hotel because the Trans Siberian Orchestra was playing.  So, we ended up eating at Taco Bell.  Now, we try to eat Mexican food at some point around our anniversary (usually at Taco Bell, but not always) to remember.

Michael did an excellent job surprising me.  It was a wonderful celebration of our marriage and life together.


2 thoughts on “Five Years”

  1. Katy, Happy Anniversary! What a lovely thing for your husband to do. I’m looking forward to seeing Les Mis. I have been to the Fox Theater in Atlanta and it is possibly the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen! I love when something like that is saved from destruction. Have a great day!!

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