Organization Tip: Gardening in the Winter

I have a confession.  I’ve seriously neglected my garden.  I think it started in October, when we went to Europe.  Mix that in with the crazy weather of Dallas, and we’ve got quite an overgrown garden.

First up is our vegetable garden.


The last big freeze took care of killing off the resilient, untamed tomato plant.  I tore it out and pulled up the cage, and Michael finished up by breaking up the weeds and soil.  We threw the plant and the weeds we’d managed to pull into a compost bag.

006 007

Then we moved onto the next project, the basil plant.  I haven’t used the basil this past year since I found out it was one of Loco’s favorite toilets.  Since we now have the fenced garden, I would prefer to use it to grow herbs as well as vegetables, keeping it away from raised legs.


Once we pulled up the basil plant and surrounding weeds, I covered the garden area with leaves to hopefully work as a pre-mulch before we plant flowers in the spring.


I started a page for gardening so you can watch the progress.  Hopefully, this will hold me more accountable with gardening updates!


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