Living with intention

It’s true.  Time seems to go so slowly until you get older.  Then, it just flies by.  Of course, I can’t actually slow time down, but last year I made a pact with myself to start living every second I have with purpose.

What purpose was that exactly?  I never felt completely called to one field or another.  I didn’t go to college knowing exactly what it was I wanted to do.  When I graduated, I didn’t feel pulled into one specific career.  I see that as an advantage, usually, but what, then, would be my purpose?

I believe my purpose is nestled in the two greatest rules of life (Matthew 22:34-40).  Love God.  Love others.  So, my first purpose was to race after a relationship with God before anything else on this earth.  My second purpose was to love those God puts in my life with every fiber of my being.

The way I reflect that is in my planning.  Every colored moment on my calendar is a pursuit to one of those purposes.  It’s something I hope to continue in 2013.  That, to me, is living with intention.


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