Organization Tip: How I set up a blog post pictures

One of the reasons I love organization is that it helps me improve on the things I love.  I love blogging, so why not use organization to help with my blogging?

One of the problems I had last year was not remembering my camera when I went places, or I would forget to take pictures at said events.

First, I have attempted to fix this is by getting a smart phone.  I got the HTC Windows 8 phone on our anniversary.  So, even if I forget to take my camera, I have one with me all the time (and a way to post the pictures, too).


Also, I started looking ahead of time (about a week or month in advance) at the different events coming up in my life, things I would love to share with you.  Then, I make out a list of pictures I want to make sure to include in that blog.  It doesn’t always go to plan, but the forethought helps me be intentional with my picture-taking, making memories in the process.



Some day, I hope that taking pictures at any event (whether it is blogging or just personal) will come second nature to me.  I do enjoy taking pictures, and I know those pictures will make wonderful memories to visit time and time again.


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