Organization Tip: Meal Planning

There’s another reason why I love organization so much.  It’s because I’m completely scatterbrained.  Seriously, I have a tendency to lose things, forget appointments and just otherwise forget things.

One of these scatterbrained predicaments is forgetting to buy or restock an ingredient for dinner.

My latest attempt to prevent the above predicament is the spreadsheet method.  First, I went through all my recipes and picked our favorites.  Then, I wrote out all the ingredients onto a spreadsheet, taking out the repeats.  I use this spreadsheet to highlight what I need for the next week’s recipes and the sales at our local grocery store – yellow and blue, respectively.  If there is an overlap, I highlight that green.  Then, I go through my pantry and everything I already have, I remove the highlight.



It’s a little convoluted, but it helps me be thorough.  I write down what I have left on my big post-it notebook .


I write down all the green and yellow ones, and then if the list isn’t long, I include some of the blue sales items too.  It has really helped me to have everything I have on hand.

What do you do to stay organized in meal planning?


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